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In physics, heat is defined as the energy flowing from the hotter bodies to the colder bodies where they are in contact with each other until their temperature are identical and thermal equilibrium.
Basically, heat is a form of associated with the motion of atoms, molecules, and other particles. Which comprise a matter. Heat can be produced by chemical reactions, nuclear reactions, electromagnetic dissipation (such as in electric stovel ) and mechanical dissipation (such as friction).

Specific Heat and Heat Capacity

According to Joseph Black, the temperature increase of an object can be used to determine the heat conserved by the object.
In this case the amount of heat required by an object to change its temperature of 1C or 1 K is called heat capacity. Therefore the relation of heat, heat capacity, and change of temperature of an object can be expressed :

Another equation of heat required by an object in relation with the object’s mass is : Q=m.c.ΔT
Where :
Q = heat / kalorie (joule)
m = mass of object (kg)
c = spesific heat (J / kg)
ΔT = change of temperature (K)

In this case, the spesific heat (c) is the amount of heat (in calories), that is required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance one degree celcius or one kelvin.

B.Conservation Energy Law for Heat

Conservation energy law for heat complies the principle proposed by Joseph Black, that is in the mixing of to substance the amount of heat released by the substance with higher temperature is equal to the amount of heat absorbed by the substance with lower temperature. This statement often called. The Black’s Principle and can be expressed :
According to the Blacks principle then the heat exchanged in substance can be determined by measuring the specific heat of the substance using calorimeter.
Conservation energy law for hat is only vlid in the closed system.

Sample Problem :
1. A Piece of metal of 500 gram in mass and temperature of 80C is immersed (dimasukkan) in to 1 kg water which its temperature is 20C. After the balanced state the mixture temperature becomes 23C. If the specific heat of water is 1 cal/grC. Calculate the specific heat of metal?

C. Changed of phase and latent Heat :
The changed of phase of a substance is caused by the substance release or absorb heat. The change of phase of a substance caused by the substance releasing heat are condensation, freezing and deposing (deposit )
While the change of phase of a substance caused by the substance absorbing heat are evaporating (boiling), meting and sublimation.

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Barbie and Diamond Castle

On a certain day Barbie and Teresa play guitar. They play guitar while sing. Suddenly Stacie come with huff. then barbie tell about there two childs and Diamond Castle to Stacie.

Two that childs name’s Liana and Alexa. They are happy alive at a house the yard many beautiful flowers. They sell flower for alive.They like sing and when sing Liana and Alexa see two stones at river. That stone is heart formed and Liana take that stone. Suddenly cloud turns into dark and heard thunder voice and roger storm. They are then run to the house to shelter. When in the home Liana form that stone is two beautiful necklaces. First to Liana and Second to Alexa. After storm stops, they see out house and see all crashed flowers. They sell flowers that still beautiful and they get 3 coins. But that will not last for return their yard will like at first.

Whent walk, Liana and Alexa see old woman. Liana felt pity and give the bread to that old woman. As reply, that old woman orders Liana take one of the thing treasure but Liana averse it. Alexa flatter Liana to take that old woman property and Liana take a mirror. Then they go home.

When at home, Liana clean that mirror. Then they are out house to take flower. When take flower, Liana and Alexa sing, suddenly they hear strange voice. When stop sing, that voice is inaudible. They sing again and that voice is heard again. Obvious that voice comes from that old woman mirror. In that mirror is found child that nameds Melody.Then Melody, Liana, and Alexa sing together. Obvious their voice is heard by Slyder. Slyder is a dragon. Slyder live with witch at a cave. That witch nameds Lydia. Then Lydia order Slyder to look and catch Melody.

Slyder leave to aim house Liana. Slyder see Melody stay in a mirror. When Liana know Slyder want to catch Melody, Liana and Alexa hide within home. But Slyder follow them. Slyder look for them within home but Liana and Alexa out house. Before out house Liana drop the mirror.

Slyder take that mirror and bring it to Lydia. When Slyder go, home’s Liana on fire. then Melody tell about Lydia.After hear that story Liana and Alexa want to help Melody to free it from mirror. Then they go from the house. When walk aim Diamond Castle, they find 2 cute dogs. First is given name Sparkles and second given name Lyly. That dog is hunger.
they were all walks again and find a house. They want to eat on the ground but they don't have money. Therefore, they offered self to sang on the that place and get food freely. That place owner readies because the singer man not yet comes. Then Liana and Alexa sing on that place. When sing, the singer man comes. they listen voice Liana and Alexa melodious. Obvious voice Liana and Alexa heard by Slyder and Slyder tell in Lydia. then Lydia and Slyder go to that place. When finished sing, Liana and Alexa given food and the singer man wants to meet with Liana and Alexa. The singer man nameds Jeremy and Ian.

Few minutes then, Liana and Alexa go from that place and not expressly drop handkerchief. Then that handkerchief is found by Jeremy. At arrival on that place Lydia hypnotize people in that place is to tells existence Liana and Alexa but Liana and Alexa go to forest. Lydia then intercept Liana and Alexa at forest. Then order Liana to give mirror curious that but Liana doesn't want to give it and Lydia hypnotize Liana and Alexa but that black magic fails because Liana and Alexa wear heart formed necklace. Liana and Alexa run to followed by Lydia and Slyder. When crenellated, Liana and Alexa helped by Jeremy and Ian.
When on the way to Diamond Castle, they meet with dwarf man. That dwarf man puts Jeremy and Ian into hole. Liana ask to so that Jeremy and Ian taked but that dwarf want allow origin Liana can answer question that given that dwarf. Then Liana can answer that question and appear bridge from rainbow. Liana and Alexa aim to that rainbow to goes to a place.

At arrival at end from that rainbow is Liana and Alexa see pride house. At that home, they are given luxurious dish by that house watchman. then that house watchman tells that that house property Liana and Alexa. But Liana want to go from that place because he has promised in Melody to help it. While Alexa want to live in that place. Obvious that house watchman person delegate Lydia. A few minutes Lydia come and bring Alexa to the cave. When at cave, Lydia hypnotize Alexa.

Then Slyder look for Liana and bring it to cave Lydia. When at cave, Lydia call Melody but Melody doesn't show self. Therefore, Lydia order Alexa to jump down to lava. When lose balance, Melody show self and Lydia order Alexa to stop.Lydia with Melody go to Diamond Castle. While Slyder drop Liana and Alexa to lava but Liana success hold onto in stone. then Lyly come to give necklace Alexa to Liana. Liana put that necklace at neck Alexa, a few minutes black magic Lydia lost and Alexa aware. A few moment later, Jeremy with Ian reach aid blessing cave Sparkles. Liana, Alexa, Jeremy, and ian follow Lydia.

In a certain place, Jeremy and Ian oppose Slyder. while Liana and Alexa aim to Lydia. When Lydia see Liana and Alexa, Lydia hypnotize Liana and Alexa but that black magic fails. Liana and Alexa feign sihir by Lydia. Lydia order Alexa and Liana to come into tight rotatory water. then Liana and Alexa approach slow and take trumpet Lydia and drop it to water. Lydia angry and break mirror curious that. Then that mirror is throwed away to water.
A few moments then, Lyly take that mirror but that stream flow is tight and Sparkles not able again. Then Sparkles come to help Lyly and final that mirror is at get it. While Lydia take trumpet and toot that trumpet but that black magic is back to Lydia.
Liana look for Diamond Castle and he sings. Then a palace out from within water. Then Melody out from within mirror. Liana, Alexa, and Melody come into Diamond Castle to jangles fairy castanets. When want to take, obvious Lydia with Slyder come for smash that fairy castanets. but that effort fails and change them be stone. Then fairies comes.
Fairies offereds in Liana and Alexa to live in that palace but they averse it. They are eager to live in the house formerly. Fairies give Liana flower seed while Jeremy and Ian given good guitar. Liana and Alexa deliverred to use horse carriage.

At arrival at home they plant that flower seed and miracle happens. Beautiful flowers grow swiftly. Finally Liana and Alexa alive happyly.